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The Best Way to Polish and Protect Bare Metal

Posted: February 25, 2021 By: MattM

If you have parts that are chrome or polished it can seem like a part time job just to keep them polished and looking good as new. Most polishes aren’t much more than polishing compound that shines the metal up but won’t protect the metal from corroding or rusting almost immediately.

If you want to clean, polish AND protect the metal we have found the nothing beats Autosol Metal Polish. World-famous Autosol polish provides a brilliant gloss and long-lasting weather protection on all metals from aluminum to zinc. It removes rust and oxidation without excessive abrasion. Let the polish do the work. Just a small amount on a soft cloth goes a long way. Leaves a protective film to help prevent future tarnish. If you have heavier corrosion you can use super fine steel wool with Autosol as a first step in cleaning and polishing with a second step of Autosol and a soft cloth.

Find our entire line of metal polishing supplies HERE.

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This isn’t just a tale regarding Thrive Together as well as their on the internet store – I indicate it is, they are online and also appears to be doing well. Could Thrive Together think about opening new retail locations?

Online commerce and the Future

As you might understand, E-commerce has actually re-shaped just how typical consumers are currently working. Vendors now have much more to market than they can stock up on supply, as well as customers can not seem to get sufficient of the special deals online.

Gone is the loyalty to stores and brands as shopping comes to be significantly driven by mouse clicks, likes and links.

Therefore, traditional shops are now swiftly coming to be taken in by Ecommerce stores. And with lots of now gathering this industry, the combination of both aesthetic appeal and functionality has currently fallen on to the Ecommerce vendors’ hands. Some traditional stores are transforming to accomodate special occasions for clients and are making use of special occasions and also experiences to make shopping in person more unique.

Thrive Together

Buying Online @ Thrive Together

Online shopkeepers are now establishing sites efficient in bring in customers as well as supplying them items both physical and also electronic plus services and subscriptions. Among the lots of systems readily available to produce an ecommerce store, Shopify attracts attention as one of one of the most efficient as well as prominent places to construct an on-line store.

It runs numerous purchases every month and hundreds of hundreds of online shops that have expanded tremendously in earnings and appeal by using this service. Shopify hasn’t only been an excellent service for ecommerce sellers, however the consumers utilizing Shopify websites have also appreciated what the solution needs to provide them.

Older and newer brands like Thrive Together are choosing Shopify

Both new and established brands and businesses are taking benefit of cutting edge technology from Shopify to represent them online. The system is effective and versatile and seems to be drawing out the absolute best in any business that picks it. The only difficulty we see sometimes is the SEO aspect with many stores not yet completely in-line with SEO finest practices.

There are numerous chances to personalize and personalize the Shopify experience while ensuring that client can discover the s that they came for. Effective merchants comprehend that its important to provide individuals what they expect to discover.

Thrive Together picked Shopify

We like that Thrive Together has chosen to make use of Shopify for their eCommerce platform since of the fantastic functions highlighted listed below. These are simply several of the reasons that shopify is taking control of as a favored system for up as well as coming on the internet merchants 😘

Exceptionally User Friendly 🤠

Flexibility is one of the most commonly looked at elements in this electronic world that we stay in today. As a result of sophisticated technology, individuals are now into more reliable as well as quick remedies for whatever they need, Shopify shops can easily be set up right into several ways and also arrangements 🤪

Looks like Shopify is a good shopping platform

Shopify isn’t a fluffy system. It’s less complicated to use and establish no matter the particular niche you are offering.

Stunning Themes 🤪

Nobody intends to go shopping on an uninteresting looking site these days, as well as Shopify has actually made it feasible for online sellers to improve their stores’ aesthetic appeal.

The platform boasts expert technology as well as aesthetically attractive design templates that will certainly bring in consumers while using them a wonderful experience. Look pages function properly, progressed filters and setup systems work well.

Its easy and works really well. Thrive Together has a well outlined website and makes the most of several of these sophisticated attributes.

No one wants to go shopping on a stupid looking page these days, Shopify has made it possible for online vendors to boost their shops’ appearances. Thrive Together has a well laid out site and takes advantage of some of these sophisticated features.

The system also allows advanced designers and developers to develop a site that matches their useful as well as aesthetic wishes 🤠

Protected and also Reliable

Shopify is a leader of many platforms for securely hosting an online store.

And as you may recognize, safety & security is a crucial piece of an on-line store. A safe web site will make certain that clients’ personal info are well taken care of at all times 😀

Shopify has been as well as is still able to provide safety and security and also reliability to its customers, which is just one of things that has resulted in its huge development.

Flaming Quick Page Speed

Unlike some various other hosting platforms on the web like WordPress as well as Woocommerce, Shopify has superb loading speeds. Clients of Thrive Together have an easy time buying with the shop.

Mobile Friendly

Online merchants comprehend that because a lot of individuals are doing so much with their mobile devices it has actually become more and more essential to have a safe and reliable mobile site. Easy to read text styling and great deals of big pretty pictures also help to make sure clients can find what you’re offering and buy into what you are offering. Shopify has mobile friendly styles and this store makes use of them.

Fortunately, Shopify likewise recognizes this and also delivers themes and also features that many shopkeeper can use to make their sites responsive sufficient for mobile use. Thrive Together has a website that works pretty well on mobile.

[This isn’t simply a story about Thrive Together and their online shop – I suggest it is that story too. I wonder though, might Thrive Together think about opening brand-new retail locations Only time will tell!]

Nobody desires to go shopping on an old looking website these days, and also Shopify has made it possible for online vendors to boost their stores’ stylish looks. Thrive Together has a well put together site and also takes full advantage of some of these advanced functions.

Shopify is head and shoulders the most excellent platform for firmly holding an online shop 🤠 click here to check out Thrive Together for yourself

DIY News and Tips

How to Replace Hard to Reach Spark Plugs

Posted: February 15, 2021 By: MattM

As the years have gone on auto manufacturers have added more and more to the engine bay of a vehicle. It’s now to the point where you can barely even make out where the actual engine is when you open the hood. There’s decorative plastic covers, electrical boxes, shields, etc. and while cars are more dependable than ever they still need maintenance and the problem with the tight engine bays is the ability to get a straight shot at the spark plugs and remove them without breaking or damaging the plugs themselves.

That is where the Eastwood Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Sockets come into play. This 3 piece set comes with most common spark plug sizes and has the swivel built right into the socket/extension joint. With this swivel you can angle the plug and still get a ratchet and your hands in to tighten or loosen the spark plugs. The magnetic attachment inside the socket means the sparkplug won’t fall off into the depths of engine bay darkness.

Grab all of our DIY maintenance items on our website HERE.

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