2 new products at Grey Ghost Bakery

Take a look at these deals from Grey Ghost Bakery

Todays heads up is for two fun products from Grey Ghost Bakery that seem really great. Between Baby Shower Two-Packs and Personalized Gift Note, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer look and see what there is to see.

The first thing on the list

Baby Shower Two-Packs ðŸ˜

Think child showers, statement parties, or even to commemorate this new arrival, we enable you to get a delicious type of semi custom two-pack treats ideal for favors and past.

In search of one thing certain? Consider our Custom web page, where we could customize your treats right down to the smallest tastiest detail. Click the pictures towards the right for some ideas!

Grey Ghost Bakery >
Event Favors > Baby Shower Two-Packs

The second product on the list today is Personalized Gift Note 😺

Personalize your gift with a note. Just tell us exactly what you may like to tell your recipient and we’ll go after that. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, hostess thank yous, instructor appreciation, employee incentives or business gift ideas. Designed for all sales!

If creating multiple cards, please specify the receiver for every.

Grey Ghost Bakery >
All Gifts > Click and order Personalized Gift Note

I’m saying my choice between these two is.. a close call in favor of Baby Shower Two-Packs.