About Josh

Hi, my name’s Josh and this is my site – Steel Spike Art.

My mission with this site is to bring you all things custom made from artists around the world. If it’s bespoke and custom made, it’s probably on my site!

Josh, Steel Spike Art

During the day I work as a mechanic. I’ve been wrenching all my life and love working on classic cars, Corvettes specifically.

When I’m not working on cars, I enjoy making metal art. Everything from miniature motorcycle models to customizing vintage badass dirt bikes. I’m a self taught welder and mechanic and bikes are my true passion.

I love being able to just hop on my bike and hit the dirt roads and explore. My girlfriend even learned how to ride too so our favorite thing to do is bring a nice lunch and go exploring off into the woods to find hidden waterfalls, lakes, and secret spots to call our own.

My shop is my happy place and where I spend most of my free time customizing things. I also enjoy racing bikes and hanging out at the racetrack watching my friends race as well.

I’ve recently got into making custom furniture and cabinets as well, as I catch up on some house renovations. With my mechanical and welding knowledge, I’ve also been learning a lot more about woodworking to add to my skill set. I just need more room to store all my tools! My collection has grown over the years and now with adding woodworking into the mix, my shop is getting a little out of control haha.

If you don’t know how to build something yourself, I suggest watching some YouTube videos. Really, anyone can learn how to be an artist, a carpenter, a welder, or mechanic. It just takes a little patience and practice.

After seeing how expensive furniture and cabinets are to buy at the department store, it seemed more cost effective and fun to just make my own. I’d rather spend my weekend making something custom for my home, rather than overpaying for some cheap particle board glued together! I used to not give it any thought, but if my bikes were custom, why not make everything in my house custom I thought.

I get a lot of satisfaction from building things with my own hands and figuring out the best way to make things work. I’ve never been one to just sit around and watch tv or play video games. I’d prefer to be doing something active or making an idea come to life.

I hope you’ll be able to find a variety of custom items for your home on my site. Enjoy browsing!

Thanks, Josh