MindPlace has new stuff for sale!!

This morning we found some really awesome products. There are several items in MindPlace worth featuring today, so let us get started asap!

The first product is…:

Tibetan Highlands
  • 2 pieces, approx. 50 mins

Richard (Karma) Moffett, master musician and Tibetan scholar, combines authentic Tibetan instruments and contemporary keyboard shows generate two exotically various light and sound journeys. Exquisite, virtuosic melding of authentic Tibetan instruments and contemporary keyboard shows in two extended, tour-de-force trance induction pieces!

These tracks are encoded with SpectraStrobe*, intended for use with the Kasina and other products with SpectraStrobe decode ability. They can be enjoyed like most other audio tracks. SpectraStrobe embeds unique signals on the sound files that directly controls the lights, enabling precise synchronization between audio and artistic stimulation. The light signals are modulated very subtly, responding to your best of nuances; creating audio-visual art. Our SpectraStrobe audio tracks lead you through entrancing dreamscapes and mythic journeys towards the deepest realms of your unconscious head. 

MindPlace >
MEDIA > click and buy Tibetan Highlands

The 2nd product on our list today is Kasina Ganzframes!

These 12 LED GanzFrames™ are the same as the people incorporated with our Kasina Mind Media System. They could be used to either replace them or use them s section of a ‘two user’ system (you’ll likewise require a 4 conductor ‘Y’ splitter to use them in this way).

These are never compatible for use with our Procyon or other light and sound systems or even for usage by themselves.  There are 3 blue, 2 green and 1 red LED per eye.

MindPlace >
GANZFRAMES > click and buy Kasina Ganzframes