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Check it out shopping friends we glad to share with you a number of great products. There are several items in West Coast Seeds worth featuring today, so let ‘s get going asap!

The first item is…

Magenta Orach Organic 🤠

CERTIFIED NATURAL! Also referred to as Orache, Saltbush, or Mountain Spinach. This small known relative of Amaranth and Quinoa creates bright fuchsia, succulent, tasty leaves unlike any other salad leaf. Magenta Orach natural seeds produce plants with eye-catching leaves that simply pop in salad mixes – the flavor is razor-sharp with simple salty overtones. This variety is descended from wild hill spinach initially found growing in Montana. It is extremely well adjusted for coastal growing. Let some orach plants get to flower in belated summer time, as the pollen is highly attractive to predatory syrphid flies that may protect your other autumn plants from aphids.

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Our second product on the list for today is Year Round Harvest Winter Gardening on the Coast.

By Linda Gilkeson 2nd Edition! Full of tips on how to keep fresh meals up for grabs all year, this may be a helpful resource for the gardener it doesn’t wish to stay in winter months. Year Round Harvest Winter Gardening in the Coast includes detailed information on over 20 types of winter hardy veggies, what things to grow, whenever to plant and simple cold security practices. Chapters cover curing and storing fresh fruit and vegetables, managing typical insects (organically), saving seeds, and much more. This short guide belongs in the libraries of all Coastal gardeners.

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